Saryn Prime is the definitive bioweapon used to fight against the Sentients, the greatest threat of
the Orokin Empire.
Saryn Prime is the primed variation of Saryn. The advantages it has over its regular version are;
higher energy capacity, superior armor, as well as enhanced sprint speed and additional polarity.
Saryn prime has a wide variety of really beautiful saryn prime color schemes
Molt is the ability to shed her skin, leaving behind something similar to her, making her enemies
to attack a clone instead. This ability mainly has two purposes. The first one will be to use her
first ability on it, something that will allow you to infect the enemies without having eye contact.
The second is that it works as a trap, because when its “life” is depleted, the decoy explodes
causing a lot of damage to the surrounding area. To be able to enhance this ability, you will be
interested in increasing its duration.
When toxic lash is active, melee hits burst spores, making them to extend to enemies close by.
This ability will allow you to add Toxic damage to your melee weapon. It does not cause the
appearance of spores, or spread among the enemies despite the description. It simply adds Toxic
damage for a certain time. To improve this ability you will have to boost the Strength, keeping
the balance with the Duration.
Spores imposes a lot of damage on the target and destroying it will cause it to extend to enemies
close by. It is a poison wave that destroys beyond control through the enemy ranks. This ability
can be boosted by increasing both its duration and dispersion, in with less importance the
strength. The amount of damage can be increased by increasing the duration.
Miasma is a mortal poisonous mist released by Saryn to corrode all the enemies around. A
Lethal combination of toxic and viral damage concentrated in a vast space which causes the
almost immediate death of all enemies who are in it. As with the spores ability, you will have to
find a balance between Strength, Reach and duration to enhance this ability. Boost them as much
as possible, and prioritizing the Reach and Duration over the Strength. Enemies under viral effect
or toxin effect receive even greater damage.
As all Prime Warframes, Saryn Prime has a special passive ability where contact with a Void
Death Orb will make her release an energy pulse which grants 250 Energy to all allies in the
perimeter. This effect can only occur once per Death Orb and can occur even if the Death Orb
has been previously destroyed.
It was announced on the 6th of December 2017, that Saryn Prime would go to the Prime Vault.
On the 12th of December 2017, Nikana Prime, Spira Prime and Saryn Prime entered the Prime
Through pre-existing parts and trading, the frame and the weapon vaulted together can still be
obtained. To trade the parts, visit the website
Saryn Prime can also be gotten by buying Saryn’s Prime Access.