Facebook has been used by many people for years to connect with each other. Not only that, it's also can be used to find the communities that will be suitable for you. When the entrepreneurs have realized this, they're using it to expand their online business. However, it's important to build your business channel carefully, so you won't lose them after all the trouble which you've been through to build it. Have you ever heard of the FanPage Domination Bonus? Visit the fan page domination website to learn more about it.

The first thing you want to do in order to defend it is by separating your personal page with your business page. Some people are using the standard facebook page to do their business. This can be a mistake. Some customers are not feeling comfortable to see your status or photos while they're browsing your items. Create a facebook fan page and you'll do it just fine. Another thing you want to do is not spamming the links of your business fan page. This way, people won't be annoyed by your spam, and they will be able to find your news at the same time.