It could be said that the digital agencies still frequently use black ways to drive their SEO businesses. However, Google is increasingly smarter so that there are only two types of black hat SEO techniques namely the black hat techniques that have been spotted and the black hat techniques which still do not yet will get caught. For the long term, it is certainly better if you use only the white hat SEO techniques provided by good providers like the local seo expert in pittsburgh pa, for instance, as they are safe and correct.

Providers of good SEO services will not focus on looking for backlinks, instead on the overall optimization of your website, ranging from website navigation, display and visitor engagement, quality or page structure, content creation, and natural marketing techniques using the content marketing. So, what they do is to build value for your website so that other people are willing to give pure backlinks that are certainly in a much higher quality. Hence, you should not look for SEO providers who can only sell links, but those who provide services or regular marketing contents which are better known as the inbound marketing.