This article is a form of an opinion (personal , organization, or institution opinion). It's writing has the background that contains a critic to an opinion, condition, or policy. The writer is usually will put in his or her own opinion or an organization opinion into the writing vulgarly, of course, it's with the supportive data or fact. So the opinion could attract the support of the readers. Article rewriter tool is like to call this kind of article as the opinion article.

The way to write an argumentative article

1. Decide a problem or theme.

2. Determine the purpose (explicit).

3. Decide the problem formula (explicit).

4. Develop the essay by providing the facts and data to strengthen the personal opinion and also to weaken others opinion (if there is any).

5. Give it a conclusion.

We think that the argumentative article is the hardest one to write (especially by the new writers). It's because of we need to hunt for the strong and convincing data and fact to support our own opinion. Besides that, we often hear that there are so many new writers who complained that their opinion isn't posted in a newspaper or a certain media nevertheless how many times they have tried.

Actually, it's easy to opining or arguing, as long as our reason is convincing. The requirement to write an argumentative article is : You really have mastered the problem and you need also to read a lot. A whole lot and tons and tons of books of the knowledge that's related to the article that's you're going to write. Difficult? Complicated? It is difficult and complicated, especially if it's related to scientific ideas. Don't let yourself being laughed at by many readers due to the weird, illogical, wrongly quoted, or even expired information that you've inserted to the article.

We hope this article could help you to understand the way to write an argumentative article. However, we suggest that you should start with the other type of articles first, just like the exposition article due to it's the easiest one to write.