The people in the modern society might have forgotten about the love of Jesus. They've been consumed by the modern lifestyle and they simply forget to visit the church on Sunday. When it happens, you definitely need a new way to reach their heart so they will want to go back to learn more about Jesus's teachings. We recommend you to use the social media to tell them about ? What is the job of the holy spirit´╗┐?

When their heart has been touched, they are willing to visit the church by themselves. However, you need to be patience in the process. The revelation from Jesus will come slowly, but it will be fine as long as they're willing to get out of the darkness. Touch their heart with your status or photos on the social media. Choose the pictures with quotes from Jesus, or the status with some words from the bible. This way, they will receive the words of Jesus from the thing they've been familiar with (the social media), instead of having to hear a preacher for hours.