El Segundo murphy beds exploits vertical space to store and display a bed without the obvious disturbance into valuable room space. Nothing doubt to add this furniture to your small room that can't be used to store big or large furniture as common bed. Do you plan to buy this bed? Okay, let's say you are already sure that everything gets your attention, but it is best to double check your list.

You may know the cost estimate or price rate of available murphy bed even if you choose a customized item. However, you need to know that the creating process takes time. Since it is quite hard to believe, especially a new seller you just met, get the time estimate to know when your murphy bed gets installed at your home. A professional murphy bed expert has made many beds, so he know how to make time estimate. With the size, type, and design you want, he then will be glad to give you the estimate. What should you do when the finishing is not as estimated? It can vary depending on the agreement between you and the murphy bed seller. If they tell you will get the discount regarding of the rate, you can claim it if the bed creating spends more than time estimated. It is not a matter because you have the right to get excellent service from the seller.

Will the seller transport your wall bed for free? Some may give free transportation service while other charge you with additional fee. Somehow, you can get the details before buying the bed. If you get free transportation, you will be able to save the amount of money and should not think about how to transport the wall bed. Since we commit to give the best service, we will answer your questions.