If you are a nursing mother who still gives an exclusive breastfeeding, the problem of the digestive system may occur during the nursing time. Therefore, you need to consider about the nutrients that you should eat during breastfeeding time such as whole wheat, egg, fish, fruits, or vegetables. These foods, however, is a best Nutrisi ASI which has been the concern of the government to improve the quality of life between the mother and her child. Consuming those foods will make sure that you will have sufficient nutrients that make you and your baby healthy. Surprisingly, there are some foods and drinks that you should avoid during the nursing time. Here some lists of food and beverage that you should avoid to maintain the quality of your breast milk.

1.    Caffeine
If you love drinking coffee, you had better avoid this habit because consuming the coffee excessively will interfere with the baby’s digestive system.  As you may know, the coffee contains the caffeine which becomes the trouble for the human digestive system.  The caffeine is not only contained in coffee; but also chocolate, soft drinks, or tea.

2.    Orange
Although the orange is good for the mother , it will disturb the baby’s digestive system. Orange can interfere with the baby’s digestive system which still needs to grow. In addition,  the mother can consume guava and papaya as an alternative to substitute the vitamin C.

3.    Spicy Foods
Spicy food is very awesome in our tongue, but it will cause the bad effect for the mother and the baby. Therefore, the mother is suggested to avoid spicy foods during nursing the baby. As the result, the baby will get the problem of his or her digestive system.

In conclusion, the health of the digestive system of your baby is defined of what you eat.  Consuming the recommended foods and avoid to the food above are the best ways to minimise the digestive system.