Uncomfortable and feel uncomfortable if the house was supposed to be a comfortable and quiet to rest undisturbed by the presence of some pests such as cockroaches, rats, mosquitoes and ants. Once not prevented this home pest rampant because breeding is so easy and quick. Here are some kinds of pests that often disturb the tranquility of our homes, roaches. These animals breed in damp and take leftover food or objects found in the water. Branches of lint in a cockroach bring thousands of bacteria that cause diarrhea, food poisoning, and other diseases. Besides cockroaches also have odors that can stick long in an object such as a closet home infestation. Cockroaches can be overcome with the use of pesticides. But unfortunately, a cockroach can smell the pesticide with a distance of five meters. Besides, it can be by way of clearing an area that was full of cockroaches and also mops using hot water with detergent. Mice, type of pest called the rat's home almost all houses have. These animals are very fond of the place irregularly shaped like a stack of paper, piles of boxes, cabinets that were never opened or places that rarely make the move. Mice are usually active at the time of night when the house had gone to bed. Rat is a pest that sucks because he likes to gnaw wires, kary, pipes and even objects that are still valuable. Mice can tackle in a way to feed at some point spread poison and fill in the boxes of food is intended that mice taking and bringing the food to the nest and spread rat poison to his friends. If you feel disturbed with no pests, then you can contact the pest control services to termites.

The Very high concern will be affected by various diseases transmitted by pests settlements as the main reason the use of pesticides by the public. The use of pesticides has been commonly done by society to control pests. The behavior of pesticide use by community is driven, at least three reasons, the first human needs of comfort and health. Concerns are high on diseases caused by pests settlements.