Hallucinogen or a substance triggering hallucinations that many abused by some big-city teenager in modern times, it has been known to traditional societies of antiquity. Substances that are often found in plants, such as amethyst, cactus peyote containing psilocybin, DMT which is a kind of synthetic substances, STP which is synthetic hallucinogenic that has effects like LSD or lysergic acid diethylamide and amphetamines.

There are several sources of hallucinogen and one of them that most of the people have known is Ayahuasca, a kind of potions made of herbs and effective to treat diseases such as mental disorders, drug addictions and so on. That is why there have been a lot of Ayahuasca healing centers in several countries like the ayahuasca healing center peru.

Many members of modern society use hallucinogen as the magic gate to escape from the harsh reality of life. In a way that tends to be wrong, the use of this substance end up leading them to the journey which can be unpredictable, unpleasant, and even results in death. However, it is far different with the isolated communities in the Amazon.

In their tradition, it has been formed the basic beliefs to consider the ceremony of drinking Ayahuasca, or it also can be called as Yaje, as a sacred ceremony. An Amaru or shaman lady, a jug ash for praying, and the spirit in the universe is the parts of the ceremony. After drinking Yaje, usually they feel several symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting and even the urge to act aggressively but after that, remarkably, the user will feel moved to the virtual world without limits stunning scenery as clear as in real life. That is why this treatment is good for healing diseases such as mental disorders and drug addictions as it will make the minds of those suffering from the disease feel more at easy.